Raging Alcoholic

probably alcoholism

This is a blog for people in distress.

You are here because alcohol is causing you a problem of some sort. Unless you did a drunk Google search to see what would come up.  If that is the case, read on.  You may be able to avert some pretty painful and humiliating stuff.

Anyway, do you want to know if you’re an alcoholic? Or do you want to know if a friend or co-worker has an alcohol problem.  Maybe you are living with an alcoholic. Or perhaps you want to know if quitting drinking is as bad as it is made out to be

Maybe you want to know the definition of alcohol abuse so you can decide what an alcoholic is and and what sort of problem you are facing.  Not all alcohol abusers are alcoholic but, all alcoholics are alcohol abusers.

How heavy drinking affects me and you:

  • Alcoholism affects about 1 out of 13 adults in the United States.
  • Most studies say that over 50% of adults report having one or more close family members affected by the problem.
  • That 2/3 of Americans drink but, 10% of those who drink, drink over 50% of the alcohol.
  • That every problem drinker is expected to significantly impact at least 4 or 5 people.

There aren’t very many of us but, we are pretty potent bunch. We create some serious problems.

Some of the Problems Drunks May Have:

  • Financial problems
  • Legal problems
  • Employment problems
  • Relationship problems

I want you to know what you are up against. I want you to have some practical ideas on how to approach a problem or condition related to alcoholism.

Some of the Information I cover:

I cover both sides because it will affect the recovery program you choose. If you choose to recover. Not everyone thinks sobering up is worth it.

I drank for at least a decade knowing I was an alcoholic, because alcohol abuse was doing more good for me than harm to me. That relationship, however, changed. When alcohol was doing more harm I decided to quit drinking.

Also, remember.

Not every alcohol abuser is an alcoholic. If you disagree with the disease model of alcoholism maybe no one is physically dependent on alcohol in your opinion. That is a fairly liberal attitude that I do not follow when it comes to facts about alcohol or other things that are not open to interpretation.

I have tried to put everything into categories so that you can find what you need quickly. Even so, it can be a little messy. No all alcohol related problems fit neatly into 1 category.

I started this blog because of the lack of directly applicable information on the internet. Most of the information I found was so generic that I could not apply it to a problem. The rest of it was research papers that were a too advanced to be actionable.

I have tried to not write like an alcohol researcher or a kid in grade school.  It was writing like that that made me write this blog in the first place.  Frequently I have used precise language so that you will know I have done a lot of book research on alcoholism and that I have lived it as a practicing alcoholic.

I hope this blog will be useful to you.