Wishful Drinking
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Raging Alcoholic

I assume alcoholism or problem drinking is affecting you in someway. A way you really aren’t happy about.

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We’re here to give you information and access to resources. Following are a couple of facts about the problem.

  • It affects about 1 out of 13 adults in the United States.
  • Most studies say that over 50% of adults report having one or more close family members affected by the problem.
  • That 2/3 of Americans drink but, 10% of those who drink, drink over 50% of the alcohol.
  • That every problem drinker is expected to significantly impact at least 4 or 5 people.

There aren’t a lot of us but, we create some serious problems.


Don’t worry. I’m not here to brow beat you.

It’s your life. I strongly believe you should conduct it the way you see fit. (As long as your not hurting other people.)


Some of the information I hope to provide.

How alcoholism has three stages and its progression. Then there’s problem, heavy, social, moderate, and a lot more kinds of drinking.

Who knows where you’re at on that sliding scale. You probably don’t. I certainly don’t. There is information here for you on that.

Even if you do have a problem, maybe it’s not that bad, Maybe its still doing more good than harm.

There is a section for self assessment. To help you get a better idea about what’s happening.

Like I said, this site is just about information and options. I drank for years knowing I had a problem.


Some more information covered is how too much alcohol can affect the body.

Also the:

  • social
  • financial
  • and sometimes legal costs of being a drunk.

Treatment methods from inpatient to outpatient and abstinence to moderation. Even harm reduction.(Contact information provided.)

Like I said. This site doesn’t make judgments.


If you happen to be looking at this because someone else’s drinking has you concerned. I hope this site will give you some insight into what’s going on with them.

It’s hard to watch someone you love destroying themselves. Let alone put up with their crap.


There are sections on how this problem affects society, it’s cost in the work place, and how it can affect the family and friends of the person doing it.

Even useful information for the employer of a problem drinker.

There are all kinds of links and contact information for free help.


For the drinker this problem is very personal. It’s wise to use whatever works best for you.

So use what you can and forget the rest.

Not everyone is in denial or going to wind up living in the streets. You are who you are. We’re here to try and help you get to where you want to be. Not to where somebody else thinks you should be.

Additional: Raging Alcoholic has made great efforts to give credit to the photographers, websites, etc. when it comes the use of photographs.  My primary source for photographs is the United States government.  Their photographs belong to the people of the United States and are in the public domain.  Most of the charts are also from government agencies.  However, if one of your photos appears on this site I will be happy to take it down and delete the accompanying link that goes with it if asked.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license.

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