Alcohol and Weight Gain

A blurb from the United States Department of Agriculture on alcohol and weight gain.

Alcohol and Weight

Source: United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Nutrient Data Laboratory. USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, Release 16-1. Available at

Alcohol and Weight Gain

There is the breakdown of alcohol and fat grams.  I had always been told alcohol was full of empty calories.  Looks like a beer belly isn’t created by beer, but by sitting on your fat as*.  This information comes from the USDA.  It is probably true.  I don’t think the Alcohol Lobby has enough money to get them to skew the reports in their favor.

(I say this because of the numbers given for alcohol related fatalities.  If a wife is driving her drunk husband home and he is asleep in the back seat and they crash; if anyone dies, the wife, the drunk husband or whoever they hit, it is a alcohol related fatality.  Even if the drunk person wasn’t driving and all the responsible parties were sober.  If that is true does this mean that the wife killed the husband in a drunk driving accident).

Too bad the government doesn’t have a duty of candor to its citizens.  How are we supposed to trust these numbers and fix these problems if no one is being honest.  You can’t change a definition just to get a higher number.  What is wrong with them.

Wow, that was quite a rant.  Anyways, alcohol and weight gain, take a look at the chart.  Tell your drunk husband that alcohol isn’t making him fat.  Its the sitting on the bar stool that’s killing him.

The numbers do make sense to me personally. Even though I stopped drinking I didn’t lose any weight.  I assumed I would.  If beer has approximately 100 calories than not drinking a case or more of beer per day should have reduced my caloric intake by around 2400 calories.  It did, but no weight loss occurred.

Anyway, there is the chart on alcohol and weight gain, it has a link if you want to look at the methodology of the study.