Wishful Drinking
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Alcoholic Behavior- Unpredictable Outcomes are Problematic

Alcoholic behavior – What are you doing to yourself, and those you care about.

When I say alcoholic behavior. I mean behavior related to alcohol. The behavior of anyone under the influence. From Tee Totalers to maniacs like me. If you can’t consistently predict the outcome when you drink than this is a problem. How big of a problem and what you should do about it are up to you. Here are some basic questions to ask yourself about your actions when you drink.

Do you stay out later than intended. Does this cause problems with your spouse or functioning at work the next day?

Stop by the bar to have a drink with friends and wind up having several drinks instead of one or two?

Drink and do things you regret or are embarrassed about?

Have Blackouts?

Get hangovers so severe you are useless the following day? Or have shaky hands, etc. that prevent you from normal functioning?

Do you get mean and hurtful to others, become sad, have emotional highs and lows you normally wouldn’t?

Miss your kids school events, or work, anything you normally would do because you drank too much?

This doesn’t mean this always happens. It just means that it can happen and you can’t be sure if it will. It also doesn’t mean that if this has happened on rare occasions that you need to be worried. I have a friend who crashed his car through the fence and the cows got out. We had to push his car out before anyone found him. He was very drunk but, he isn’t an alcoholic. We were young and he had broken up with his fiancée. Car crash, drinking to forget problems. It doesn’t sound good. One incident, however, doesn’t make you an alcoholic.

Christian Women’s Temperance Movement & Alcoholic behavior


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