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Drunk Driving

buzzed driving is drunk driving

Drinking and driving effects nearly every American.  If you drive or walk (bicycle, skateboard, etc.) along the streets drunk drivers are a threat.  Maybe it is not close to you. Maybe you only know a victim.

Or, maybe you are a perpetrator.  I used to be.

Here is a drunk driving fact for you.
“Each day, people drive drunk almost 300,000 times, but fewer than 3,200 are arrested.”  Over112 million Americans admit to having driving under the influence in 2012. That’s 112 million people who would probably tell you drinking while driving is a bad thing..

The average person _

Alcohol Withdrawal – What, Why, When, Etc.


Acute alcohol withdrawal symptoms can occur in any habitual drinker. Of all the mood altering substances people can detoxify from, alcohol is the most life-threatening. In rare cases (like during Delirium Tremens) the symptoms can lead to death. Acute alcohol withdrawal is made more troubling due to the fact that estimates show that barely 10-20 % of sufferers experiencing acute alcohol withdrawal are treated in a medical facility, therefore it?s possible that as many as 2 million Americans may undergo symptoms of acute alcohol withdrawal at home every year. This means _

Stop Drinking Naturally, Most Alcoholics Do


Most people do stop drinking without any help from other people. They have to because

Rehab is a problem. Don’t believe me? Believe the professionals.

You Have A Better Chance of Ending Your Addiction If You Are Never Exposed To Treatment Programs or 12-Step Programs.

“There’s no such thing as an evidence-based rehab,” he says. “That’s because no matter what you do, the whole concept of rehab is flawed and unsupported by evidence.” [says] Dr. Mark Willenbring, former director

Is Alcoholism A Disease Or A Choice?

is alcoholism a disease- progressive

Is alcoholism a disease or a choice is a good question. It is something many people are interested in. Alcoholics want to know if alcoholism is a disease because they want to explain what is happening, or what happened, to them. Insurance companies want to know so they can determine how to pay for it. Families and spouses want to know about the disease model of addiction for the same reasons drunks do. They want to know what happened to them. How did things get so out of control? More importantly, they want to know what to do now to this drinking problem under control.

Asking “is _

Adult Hangover Scale

This is the more colorful adult hangover scale mentioned on the previous page. This version is significantly different form the others, is clearly an adult hangover scale, and was reprinted with permission from (name redacted at his request, he has sissy employers).

 1-Star Hangover:

You’re fine, no biggie, but you’d like to shake the hand of the man who invented Aspirin. You have to do that rapid-blinking head-shaking thing a few times as you piss, but you definitely know where your pants are. You do not need to create elaborate lies to tell your girlfriend, but you may owe your roommate a _