Homeless Man in YouTube $100 Challenge Dead — Dies From Alcoholism | TMZ.com

The $100 homeless man who became famous for his generosity has died … TMZ has learned. We’re told Kenni Thomas Nickel — featured in a YouTube video…

Source: Homeless Man in YouTube $100 Challenge Dead — Dies From Alcoholism | TMZ.com


I just wanted to put this up here.

This man died from chronic alcohol abuse according to LA County Coroner’s Office-TMZ.

This alcoholic homeless man was given $100 dollars by someone and instead of buying booze he helped out his homeless neighbors.  Does this mean that the alcoholics urge to drink is not “overwhelming”.  To this homeless man, love of his fellow man (philēo) overwhelmed his alcoholism.

If alcoholism is not overwhelming, and it is not, than there is, and always has been, hope for millions of people. It also means that all the dirt bag drunks, who put alcohol before their marriages and children and blamed it all on alcohol, had their bullshit excuses blown out of the water by a guy who should have been the least able to resist the compulsion to drink.


I think it also speaks loudly to the people that drive $40,000 dollar cars into their church’s parking lot and complain that they would like to help the poor but don’t have the money.

Kenni, the homeless man, seems like a good guy, too bad we did so little to help him.

Many thanks to Josh Paler Lin, who at least brought some unexpected kindness into his life.