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How Alcoholism is Affecting Your Family

This is an article Mel Carrison asked me to put on the blog. It is very good so I agreed.  The introduction below was written by Mel and the article was published on the site by the author Marni Low.

How Your Alcoholism Is Affecting Your Family According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) one in every three people within the United States will develop


Types of Alcoholism Treatment


Types of Alcoholism treatment

Rehab facilities are where alcohol and drug users go to stop their uncontrolled or destructive use of a substance. These recovery facilities focus on both the physiological and the psychological aspects of addiction. Most treatment facilities have the ability to help with co-occurring disorders like depression or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) too.

The following


Relapses and Slips in Alcohol Recovery

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A relapse is when you return to using alcohol (or drugs) in the manner you did before you quit.


This is when you drink but put an end to it right away.

There is evidence that approximately 90 percent of alcoholics are likely to experience at least one relapse over the 4-year period following treatment (1). Despite some promising leads, no controlled studies definitively have shown any single or combined


Myths of Addiction


The myths of addiction create considerable problems for society.  The biggest problem, of course, is the myth of addiction that it is a big monster and eats up everyone it comes into contact with.

This is not true.

It takes a number of simultaneously occurring circumstances to lead a person into drug abuse that can lead to addiction.

The other problem with our society’s myth of addiction is


Drug Addiction Treatment Centers

What to look for in a Drug Addiction Treatment Center

Are you looking for an right drug addiction treatment center for you or a family member? You will have to examine with many things before finalizing with a  drug rehab center. A large amount of drug addicts panick at the idea of undergoing drug and alcohol treatment. Most of the time, they are afraid of the treatment methods that will make their life so much simpler. Thus, choosing the right drug


Help for Children of Alcoholics

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The National Association for Children of Alcoholics. It is a site dedicated to helping people who interact with children and youths who’s lives are impacted by alcoholic or drug addict parents. ( Also, look up my post on FASD for tools to help children already hurt by alcoholic parents.

Anyway, I read through the Kit for Educators and found some useful information.  It is full of things a person


Military Substance Abuse Programs

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Each branch of service in the United States military has a substance abuse program.

It looks to me like the following websites are available over the world wide web, but they prefer only military members using them.  Anyway, for those of you in the military, here are a list of sites relating to Military Substance Abuse Programs

Army Substance Abuse Programs (ASAP)

Navy Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention (NADAP)

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