Is your state an under or over achiever?

I found this post on another blog (attribution below).  There are a few states that have alcohol abuse shame as their problem.  So it is a stretch but still on topic for an alcohol related blog.

What is interesting it the way statistics can be skewed.  My state has homelessness as its reason for shame.  There is a reason Oregon has more homeless people than anyone else.  We feed them.  We have more soup kitchen and food outreach programs than any other state according to our homeless population.  Of course they come here.  (For more on homelessness in Oregon see Street Roots).

Naturally homelessness can be caused by alcoholism or other addictions.  On the other hand the state of homelessness might lead one to self medication and then to addictions.
(AA might be the first and best anecdotal evidence we have that alcoholism is more than a body craving a chemical.  You don’t need 12 steps to cure a disease, you need a shot or a pill.)

United States of Shame

Anyway, the graphic is curious in a National Enquirer sort of way.  Head over to Pleated Jeans if you want to check out the rationale for this.  The exact URL is in the caption.  Occasionally they move these URLs around and then the links break so I gave the main site as a clickable link.

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