Alcohol Content of Beer, Wine, and Spirits


I was asked this by someone who isn’t an alcoholic (the alcohol content of beer, wine, and spirits).  I knew the answer so I told her.  Maybe some other people have the same question.  It is possible there are some people trying to find out about alcohol to protect themselves from becoming alcoholic (like the young lady I mentioned).  Possibly they are trying to figure out just how much alcohol a boyfriend or girlfriend, etc is drinking.  Is it a lot? Is it a little?  What’s going on?

Alcohol Content of Beer, Wine, and Spirits by container.

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I used to date a woman who could drink 1.5 to 2.5 boxes of wine in a weekend.  She used to tell people she would only have 4 or 5 glasses of wine a night.  Of course they were table glasses, not wine glasses.  If you get to define your own terms you can honestly say a lot of things. (Ask a politician).  This will help you to know just how much alcohol is being consumed.

Alcohol Content of Beer, Wine, and Spirits broken down into single drinks.

alcohol content beer, wine, spirits

Perhaps you have been told “its only beer”.  Now you can better evaluate what that means.  A six-pack of beer every night is a little more than drinking a bottle of whiskey a week.  What if the person drinks a six-pack a night and tears it up on the weekend?  Using the alcohol content of beer, wine, and spirits is a good tool to confront the functioning alcoholic with.

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