Alcohol, Death, and the Devil

A historical photo of artwork used by members of the Temperance Movement.  It is of Alcohol, Death, and the Devil.  It is meant to show people the dangers of alcohol and the need to have a national prohibition of its use.

This copy of Alcohol, Death and the Devil is from the Library of Congress.  Here is a link to the specific page.

[Alcohol, Death, and the Devil]

Alcohol, Death, and the Devil is a little over the top but I do think most of the people in the Temperance Movement really believed “demon rum” was destroying American society.  This alcoholism propaganda may have been the father to our parents Reefer Madness movie.  Anyway, the Temperance Movement’s efforts led to the 18th amendment to the United States Constitution and the Volstead Act.  The Volstead Act was the means of enforcing Prohibition.

Prohibition of course turned loosely affiliated gangs into organized crime and made many alcohol distributing criminals millionaires.  It led to unbelievably wide spread corruption.

In the 1920s they had their war on drugs.  My generation has been involved in a war on drugs for as long as I have been alive.  Prohibition gave us the first drive by shootings, not the Bloods and the Crips.  Prohibition gave our political system corruption nearly equal to the that of today’s Political Action Committees (PAC).

Personal rant, if you cannot do it on your own blog where can you?

We have a representative government to prevent “mob rule”.  Apparently the Supreme Court does not feel we need any protection from “special interest rule”.  Forbes magazine says that 5% of the Americans control 72% of the private wealth in America.  Who is going to protect us from a few uber rich people who don’t mind destroying the American people or the environment to extort even more wealth from their countrymen.  I don’t even want to get started on the crap the United States government allows foreign corporations to get away with.

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