Alcohol in the Media

beer media Here is an alcohol in the media report out of the United Kingdom trying to explain why scientist, news reporters, and normal people have such hard time figuring out “how much is too much” and other important questions concerning alcohol. (I link to the PDF through the picture).

Alcohol in the media seems to be a strange mixture of research that cannot isolate causes precisely, the mislabeling of reports for headlines, etc., and just plain old reporter bias.

Alcohol in the media is nothing new, but this report is.  Read it and see what you think.  I found the portion on isolating the causes of poor health interesting but that isn’t the most important thing about it.

What I think is most important for rehabilitation is for alcohol counselors to be believed and trusted, they need to be truthful and not misrepresent information.  Given the blame and shame tactics of past years, the new and sometimes conflicting news reports and scientific studies, and the low success rates in alcohol and drug rehabilitation the only tool the rehabilitation community has left is the hope it offers.  Hope is best received from people you trust.

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