Alcohol Support Groups

There are a variety of alcohol support groups.

They are free and usually happen in a community center or a local church.

They are open to all races, creeds, and colors. Anyone can come.

Occasionally there will be a “ladies only” or “doctors only” meeting. These are rare and usually follow an “open to anyone” meeting.

Occasionally you’ll find a self help group that is closed to students.

This does not mean that if you are a student with an alcohol problem you can’t attend. It just means that the group has decided they don’t want somebody sitting in

on their meeting so they can  write their psychology term paper.

                                                                                                                                                        AA is the most famous of these self help groups.

Their 12 step program is the basis of most other self help groups.

It is also the oldest, the most outspoken, and the most dogmatic. I didn’t like AA.

Without question, however, they have helped more drunks than any other organization.

Arguably, they have helped more drunks than all other organizations put together. It’s twelve step program has walked a heck of a lot of people out of bars.

The people coordinating these meetings may or may not be professionals.

As stated, most are based o

n some variation of AA’s twelve step program.

There is no cost to attend, although they will accept donations.

However, if you cannot afford a donation Do Not let that stop you from going.

Nobody will say a word if you can’t contribute. They’ll be proud that you decided to make some positive changes in your life. They’ll know that as your life cleans up so will your finances and then you can throw a buck into the hat as it gets passed around.

I repeat: Do Not let money stop you from going to whatever group you decide to attend.

If money is an issue for that group than it is probably not a good group anyway.

I have never encountered, nor have I heard of anyone else having encountered this problem.

Self help groups are everywhere if you live in the city or suburbs.

I live in the suburbs and there is a self help group every night of the week within a 10 mile radius of my house. There are 3 or 4 groups within walking distance.

If you live in the country it may be more difficult to find what you are looking for.

It’s also possible that the group available has people in it that you don’t want to tell all your secrets to.

Don’t let that stop you.

Some groups hold online meetings.

This obstacle can be dealt with. I’m going to give as many contact numbers and web addresses as I can.

They are on the links below. These people will be able to provide better information for your location than I can.

You may also find that one group doesn’t work for you.

Don’t worry, there are a lot to choose from.

I like SMART recovery far better than AA, on the other hand I have two uncles that swear AA saved their lives.

There is also Secular Organization for Sobriety (SOS), Women for Sobriety (WFS), Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACA), Moderation Management (MM), Rational Recovery (RR), and some very good Faith Based Recovery groups.

Professionals in recovery have certain groups open only to them.

There is also a group called HAMS it is about harm reduction in drinking and drugging.

Try one of them or try them all.

Do what works for you.

Abstinence, moderation, falling down drunk.

It’s your life, conduct it the way you want.

For family members and friends you might want to look at Al-Anon and Alateen.

Also, please see Alcohol Self Help Groups addresses and Faith Based Recovery for a more complete list of contact information.

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