Alcohol vs Marijuana

Alcohol vs Marijuana is a struggle many small employers wish marijuana would win.  How many hangovers keep people home from work while their pot smoking brothers got up and came into work just fine?   How much productivity is lost due to hangovers?

                                                                                                              Alcohol vs Marijuana

Alcohol Vs Marijuana Info

In the Alcohol v. Marijuana struggle I wish I could have chosen marijuana.  It is so much easier on a person and their life.  When was the last time a pot head threatened to kick your ass or made lewd comments to your wife.

I don’t smoke pot because I am paranoid enough already.  However, if I had to become an addict I would have preferred to have become dependent on pot.  When comparing the ravages of alcoholism to marijuana it seems like the best choice by far.

The people I knew who smoked pot wouldn’t even drive a car when stoned, let alone drive through a telephone pole.

Alcohol vs Marijuana  get some facts

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