Alcoholism Isnt A Disease 4

Anonymous Author – Alcoholism isn’t a disease

To say that Alcoholism is a disease would be an extremely inaccurate diagnosis. As someone who has lived with an alcoholic parent, I have known the damage and pain this behavior has on a family. That being said, to provide an alcoholic a crutch and call it a disease is merely supplying another excuse for the actions when truly there are no excuses, merely bad choices. A disease by definition is a body’s way of harming itself in an abnormal way. Make no mistake; an alcoholic’s body is not to blame. Should the alcoholic never have had an alcoholic drink in their life, they would not all of the sudden become inebriated. They would not randomly become a danger to others while driving. Their livers would not shut down without cause.

These things happen by the decision of a person. A decision to consume alcohol and a decision to abuse alcohol when it becomes apparent that one can’t handle it. Perhaps once the decision to continue the dangerous consumption is made, the affects of this behavior do in fact resemble a disease. The body at this point will begin to destruct.

However, the point remains that the root of this self-destruction lies in a decision. A decision made by the alcoholic. While it may be hard for someone to make thedecision NOT to drink, and may even be a physical strain to withhold alcohol from their system, it can be done. Alcoholism is no more a disease than smoking is. It is a merely a bad habit. It can and will kill. The important point to remember is that it can only kill when one decides to consume it. This doesn’t qualify it to be a disease. It can hurt others like no disease can. It is a choice. It is a behavior. It can be stopped.

Anonymous Author

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