Binge drinking and your IQ

I love this binge drinking and your IQ graphic.  I had a high IQ myself.  I was a binge drinker.  My IQ is no longer in the 150 range.  It is much lower but, I am also 45 years old.  Your brain is at its best when you are about 22 years of age.  After this it begins to specialize in certain areas/skill sets.  Binge drinking is very hard on neurons.   But neurons can regenerate if the latest medical reports are true.

Binge Drinking and your IQ

Drunken Geniuses: Sharp as a Tack, Drunk as a Skunk
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See this NIAAA report on neural degeneration.  It gives a little more scientific reasons for  the damaging  effects of binge drinking and your IQ.

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