CAGE Alcoholism Test

This is the CAGE alcoholism test, it is one of many. Some, quite frankly, are designed for the alcoholic in denial. They are tricky at best and just plain deceitful at worst. The CAGE test is pretty straight forward. Its really designed for you. Unless the law is involved in your alcohol consumption, YOU are the most important part of the equation.

Have you ever thought you should Cut down on your drinking?

Does people talking about your drinking Annoy you?

Have you ever felt Guilty about your drinking?

Have you ever drank the next morning to get rid of a hangover? (Had an Eye-opener)



If your doing any of these your drinking is causing you problems. I used to do all of those so who am I to talk.

Please remember, plenty of normal, non-alcoholic people have felt all of the items on the CAGE Alcoholism Test.

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