Countries With Highest Alcohol Addiction Rates

The attribution/credit for this is below. It is just a very cool graphic and I thought some of you might like it. I am looking for more graphics and up-to-date stuff for this section. I am trying to add something cool on the blog. Instead of just boring facts.

Some cautions I would like to point out.

I could not find when these statistics were compiled.  I would like to know if these were done in 2013 or 2000 or whenever.  I didn’t see where they cited their sources so I couldn’t follow up.

Without knowing who conducted the studies we cannot tell how credible they are.  Seriously, some AA guys will tell you that an alcoholic is someone who has had 1 drink in the past 10 years.  To me that is crazy talk.  If I could have held my drinking to 1 drink per hour on the evenings and weekends I would have never of quit. Alcoholic or not I would never have stopped.

This isn’t to throw this graphic credibility into the trash.  It is just that my other posts usually have a link to someone like the Mayo Clinic or another credible source so you can confirm the facts and finding.  I’m sure this chart is accurate, but beware.

Top countries with highest alcohol addiction rates

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