Drinking and Driving, Alcoholism Cure and Hangover Relief

The title is fairly outrageous but this could also put an end to drinking and driving.

Have you read this article by Smart Planet.  Here is an excerpt with a link to the whole thing:

Whether it’s drunk texting or drunk dialing, technology and booze usually don’t mix. And now a recent finding may make it so that people are a lot less likely to find themselves in these embarassing situations. That’s because scientists believe they have discovered a compound that mitigates many of the impairing effects of alcohol.

We’re talking about an antidote that can ease the feeling of a nasty hangover, help you sober up and possibly even eliminate the need for 12-step programs. Actually, perhaps “discovered” isn’t quite the right word. The sobering properties of the Hovenia Dulcis tree have been touted by Chinese herbalists for centuries. But it’s only recently that a group of researchers from UCLA began lab-testing such claims by running a series of experiments using a chemical extract from the seed known as Dihydromyricetin (DHM).

Tuan Nguyen reported on this for Smart Planet.  Get Here

If what is being reported is true, even in part, it is an amazing discovery.  I don’t believe such a thing is possible but the researchers suggest that rodents given an amount of alcohol comparable to a human drinking 15 to 20 bottles of beer over 2 hours were able to sober up in 15 minutes.  All because of an herb.   It appears to interrupt alcohol’s ability to interact with the receptors of certain neurotransmitters.  Meaning you can drink but without getting high.  Why anyone would want to do that is beyond me but sending everyone in the bar home without fear of all the things that can happen when one drinks and drives would be wonderous.

Anyway, check this out and let us know what you think.  Think of it, no more near death experiences with things like antabuse. If it is real this is very exciting.


Sorry for all the excitement. I used to do a lot of drinking and driving so I am aware of its dangers.

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