Driving While High On Weed

The excerpts below on driving while high, I think, speak for themselves.  The questions seem so obvious but how do we know?
Most of the pot heads I know won’t drive when they are stoned.  Cannabis seems to make them think they are more impaired then they actually are (observations below support this).  The biggest problem is getting them to share your video games while high on weed. Sure, they say they’ll share, but they don’t hand over the controller. It’s bullsh*t.

Driving While High: A law enforcement perspective

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By ALICIA A. CALDWELL Associated Press

Amid rancorous debate over other weighty issues Thursday [July 31, 2014] on Capitol Hill, lawmakers wondered aloud whether driving cars after smoking marijuana is dangerous.


Among the unanswered questions: Would drivers who are “high” travel too fast or too slow for safety? Rep. John Mica, a Florida Republican who convened the Transportation subcommittee hearing, said he’s concerned that growing numbers of drivers on U.S. roadways are increasingly impaired with a mix of drugs and alcohol. But with no test to determine if a driver is high on THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, it’s nearly impossible […]


“There is no standard test for drivers,” Mica said. “We have no acceptable test and no way of telling if people are impaired.”


Rep. Gerald Connolly, D-Va., countered that it’s just as possible that marijuana doesn’t pose as dangerous a risk as alcohol for drivers, suggesting that high drivers may slow down rather than recklessly speed, citing a study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

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From: LiveScience
People who are drunk “are physically impaired, and they don’t really think they’re physically impaired,” Hansen told Live Science “They’ll drive faster, they’ll follow cars at closer distances, they’ll make rash, last-minute decisions.”

By contrast, people who are slightly stoned may be more risk-averse and overestimate their impairment. For instance, people who have smoked just a third of a joint will say they are impaired, even when driving tests show no such effects, according to a 1993 study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

In the Drug and Alcohol Dependence study, within-lane weaving began to occur once the person’s blood levels reached about 13 micrograms of THC per liter of blood. In fact, people with that level of THC had the same level of impairment as people with a blood alcohol content of 0.08 percent, which is the legal limit for alcohol in many states.

But the legal limit for THC in Washington and Colorado is 5 micrograms per liter — less than half the amount found to be impairing in that study. (Smoking a joint typically raises a person’s THC levels to about 20 micrograms per liter, Hansen said.)

Driving Under The Influence: Alcohol v. Marijuana

Do you have anything to add to the driving high argument?  Do you drive high, buzzed, etc?  Do you know people who drive high?

What is it that makes, at least the people I know, avoid driving high.  I don’t think it is too complicated for them judging by the way they play Battlefield.  These stoners got some moves.

They also aren’t too busy eating for driving high.  Most of the pot heads I know don’t gorge themselves.  This seems to be a public misconception.

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