Drug-trafficking, Legitimate Corps and Strong-arming

Fed ExHere is kind of an interesting story of drug-trafficking.  It does bring to mind a few questions for me.

If Fed Ex is facing drug-trafficking charges, why aren’t the USPS and other carriers?  They have enough evidence to charge Fed Ex, I assume, but to what extent are the other carriers, including the USPS, involved in the same activity.

(I get UPS packages that are delivered by the US Postal Service once in awhile so the carriers do rely on one another to reach customers.  Do they fly their packages in each others aircraft once in a awhile?  Does this mean the USPS is a co-consipriator?  I doubt it, but where is the investigation?)

If you can pull up a big Fed Ex truck to a facility it isn’t very well hidden.  Why isn’t law enforcement doing more about the drug-trafficking pharmacies at their source?  If they don’t have the authority to hit these guys on the ground why should Fed Ex be suspicious.  The pharmacies are operating in the open.

The article mentions Google as helping the online pharmacies advertise through its Adsense program.  The government then extorted 300 million dollars from them in a legal settlement.

All of this sounds like the federal government strong arming legitimate companies into assisting them with law enforcement activities concerning drug-trafficking.  This just sounds like a spin-off of the NSA using corporations to do their spy work.

Is it really Corporate America’s job to do the policing in America?  I don’t think so.  I don’t like third parties being charged with crimes in order for the government to get what it cannot have legally.

The courier firm FedEx faces drug-trafficking charges after being indicted by a federal grand jury in California, in a case that highlights the growth in illegal online pharmacies selling dubious medication to people without a prescription. The 15-count indictment accuses FedEx of conspiring in the delivery of illicit pharmaceuticals, including the sleep aid Ambien and the slimming drug phendimetrazine, despite repeated warnings from the authorities. During the period covered by the indictment, between 2000 and 2010, FedEx is alleged to have adopted special policies governing the dubious deliveries that would prevent its employees being penalised if a pharmacy abruptly […]