Drunk Driving Property Damage

Drunk Driving Property Damage

Information regarding crashes associated with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, known commonly as a drunk driving accident, mostly offer statistics resulting from personal injuries or fatalities. Almost no research furnishes details concerning the monstrous amounts of property damages that are involved in these accidents. After all, millions and millions of dollars worth of property damage brought on by DUI problems can’t be overlooked, and should be included as a  component when studying the impacts of driving drunk.
The main types of property affected in a driving while intoxicated accident are vehicles and other property. This is a quick summary of the millions, possibly billions, wasted yearly.

property damage

Motor vehicles of all types.

The most obvious kind of property damage linked with a driving under the influence of intoxicants crash is vehicular, from the victim’s car to the offender’s vehicle. Any automobile which suffered damage is recognized as a form of damage to property, and the cash value of this destruction likely numbers in the millions every single year. Seth Seal, a Car accident attorney in New York chimes in to say, “In incidents escalating beyond two autos, the expense is even more significant, and the outcome is felt most by insurance companies across the country.”
Look at all of the styles of vehicles that you see on your highways day-after-day. Semi trailers, large SUVs, trucks, automobiles, motor bikes, possibly even bicycles pass you on a daily basis, and any of these could be the unwilling victim of an drunk driving mishap.  Think of the damage caused when a semi hits a Toyota.

Effects on Insurance Premiums

Ever wondered the reason why everybody’s insurance rates unexpectedly increase with no warning? Property damage can be a important element of this issue, as insurers attempt to compensate for the millions and millions paid every single year in vehicle damages. Medical related payments typically are not even integrated in this statistic, and they also play an important role in the insurance policy fee jumps each year.
This is certainly not a call to see drunk driving offenders as heinous criminals merely because they could make your insurance premiums increase, but it would be nice if people would stop driving drunk and running into things.

Drunk Driving Property Damage: Real Property

Vehicles are not the only type of property which can be negatively impacted in a DUI crash, even though they are the principal targets. Anything from road signs to curbs and even guardrails may be taken into account as property damage, costing the respective county or state millions of dollars yearly.  In some instances, even family homes or businesses may be impacted in a DUII crash, particularly when a vehicle drives into the structure directly.

Drunk Driving Property Damage: Other Property

Away from property damage is an additional, more hidden, cost. That of the police officers, public defenders, courts, and jails that have to work with all these offenders. If a inebriated driver has done any major property damage they are in all likelihood going to have legal issues. If they’ve hurt another individual while driving under the influence of intoxicants they will most likely be looking at time in jail. Almost all of these legal problems faced by the drunk driver are paid for by taxpayers. Some of these people will even need taxpayer supported public defenders for their legal defense

Even when no one is injured or killed, the price exacted by the drunk driver is just too great.. Any time somebody is harmed or killed there is no way to calculate the cost.

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