Eastern Alcoholism Treatment

eastern treatmentEastern alcoholism treatment , like meditation and acupuncture, are both used to help reduce stress and cravings in recovery.

Meditation is also used as a feel good substitute for alcohol’s high.

While we can scientifically prove that meditation can activate the portions of the brain that bring about happiness, we cannot prove that acupuncture does anything beyond what the placebo effect would do.

In recovery we are interested in “compassion meditation”.

We want to increase brain activity in the left side of our prefrontal cortex.

Activity here is associated with happiness and vitality.

The right side of our prefrontal cortex is associated with depression and negative emotions.

The MRI tests to prove this were first done on Buddhist meditation masters but, it turns out that normal people can be taught to do the same thing without a great deal of training.

One study group was taught over 8 weeks on their job location. So they couldn’t have spent more than a couple of hours a week learning.

One of the hardest things about detox and recovery is learning to obtain a happy state of mind without using harmful drugs.

This could be a means of fulfilling that need.

Acupuncture cannot be scientifically proven.

The most that can be said is that “if you think it will help you, it probably will”.

The placebo effect is quite apparent.

We can also say that people who are receptive to it will likely respond to the treatment than those who are not.

It has also been reported that people in detox are more likely to stay if acupuncture is offered as part of the program.

Of course, all evidence shows that people who stay with a program are better off.

So Eastern alcoholism treatment is another tool we can use to combat problem drinking.

Eastern Alcoholism Treatment


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