Failed Drug Policy 2011

To say we have a failed drug policy is vastly understating the obvious.  Here is the opening statement of the:  Global Commision on Drug Policy 2011

See full report here.

The global war on drugs has failed, with
devastating consequences for individuals
and societies around the world. Fifty years
after the initiation of the UN Single
Convention on Narcotic Drugs, and
40 years after President Nixon launched
the US government’s war on drugs,
fundamental reforms in national and global
drug control policies are urgently needed.
Vast expenditures on criminalization and
repressive measures directed at producers,
traffickers and consumers of illegal drugs
have clearly failed to effectively curtail
supply or consumption. Apparent victories
in eliminating one source or trafficking
organization are negated almost instantly
by the emergence of other sources and
traffickers. Repressive efforts directed at
consumers impede public health measures
to reduce HIV/AIDS, overdose fatalities
and other harmful consequences of
drug use. Government expenditures on
futile supply reduction strategies and
incarceration displace more cost-effective
and evidence-based investments in
demand and harm reduction.

These guys know about the failed drug policy and they keep doing it.  What is wrong with them.