Bad Ass Bloggers

The stories shared on the blogs below can provide tremendous benefit to people getting sober.  The insights they provide are very helpful to new people and those at the maintenance stage of recovery.  They even have merit for people who are not alcoholics.

Below are the blogs I think are of complimentary value to my blog.  I have not read the entire blogs but I have found different posts on them that I thought were good so I point them out to you as additional resources.  These blogs are related to maintenance and they talk about personal, emotional, spiritual topics, and plain-old-everyday stuff.

Sober Julie

Art Mowlell

Both of the blogs above are written by people who are kinda brother and sister to me through Christ.  Obviously, they get a link.  They also offer tremendous value and they deserve it.

Here is another blog well worth mentioning:

Discovering Alcoholic

This guy is a seeker. He has a rare mind.

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