Harm reduction of alcohol isn’t all that HAMS does. It can be applied to any addictive behavior. HAMS is about reducing the negative consequences of high risk behaviors like drinking or drugging. Following are their “14 elements”.

1) Hang out and interact with other HAMSters.

2) Deprogram from the disease model.

3) Track your use.

4) Take steps to reduce harm.

5) Take steps to reduce use

6) Do a Cost/Benefit Analysis.

7) Choose/create your plan.

8) Address any issues which led to Overdrinking

9) Honestly report your progress/struggles.

10) Learn to have fun without booze.

11) Learn to cope without booze.

12) Praise yourself for every success!!

13) Tweak the plan.

14) Don’t be afraid to get back on the horse.

These folks can be an excellent start for people who are having some alcohol ambivalence.


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