Hangover Remedies – What Works Best for Relieving Symptoms

Hangovers Suck

Hangover remedies vary from country to country and culture to culture. Most concentrate on one aspect of a hangover, not all of them. To date there is no known cure for a hangover. Just to be on the safe side lets take a look at some of the things people use.

Hangover remedies that feel good but don’t help.

Coffee will wake you up, but it is also a diuretic. So it will increase your dehydration. It will also irritate an already upset stomach. Ask anyone with an ulcer. They can tell you.

Hangover remedies that help

  1. Multi-Vitamin alcohol literally leaches the calcium from your bones. It strips the body of its vitamins. In particular B vitamins. B vitamins are essential to good functioning of the neural system.
  2. Ginsing will help pep you up without the problems of coffee’s caffeine.
  3. Non-Caffeinated soda pop. The bubbles help ease the stomach discomfort. It also gives a little sugar boost and helps with dehydration.
  4. Sports Drinks great for the electrolytes you’ve knocked out of sync and hydrates the body.
  5. Pickle Juice seems to work for some people. Other than being salty to help you retain water I have no idea why.
  6. Sauerkraut also seems to help. It is very nutritious. Perhaps this is why it works.
  7. Aspirin, Ibuprofen, and Tylenol will help with the headache. Again, they can also aggravates the stomach lining. Don’t take them before you go to bed and be careful if you have an ulcer. It’s also a blood thinner like alcohol. It’s also hard on the liver like alcohol.
  8. Sweat, if you can stand it. Hot shower, sauna, even just plain old physical exertion. It will help you to sweat out some of the toxins you put in your body.
  9. Eat your body needs fuel to rebuild itself.
  10. Don’t Eat, if you vomit, you will further dehydrate yourself. It will also tear up your esophagus. One already torn up by alcohol.
  11. Hair of the Dog can help alleviate a hangover. A Bloody Mary can do wonders. While your body is dealing with the new alcohol it is also getting vitamins and hydrating itself. A couple AA guys I know take a pint or six pack with them when on their interventions.
  12. Sleep is your bodies best friend when you have a hangover. Try everything above but, give Sleep top priority.

Professional hangover remedies

According to the medical professionals at the Mayo Clinic: “The best approach to hangovers is to avoid them by not over imbibing in the first place.”

Here are two of my professional drunk but medical layman hangover remedies.

A good hangover  remedy is lots of Gatorade (for electrolytes and hydration), a good multi-vitamin and a B-100 vitamin(for good body and brain functioning).  If you can sneak in a power nap that will do wonders.  One hour will make a world of difference

However, if your a drunk, or on vacation and need to feel good fast, try a Bloody Mary and the multi & B vitamins.  If you have a Vicodin left over from last time you were injured that will help too, especially with the Bloody Mary.

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