Harm Reduction – Minimizing the Risk

What is Harm Reduction

Harm reduction simply tries to minimize the dangers of alcohol use. They don’t require abstinence, they just try to keep all the negative consequences from happening. For instance, a drunk will walk to the bar instead of driving. This way when they want to go home. They have no car to drive. They either walk or call for a ride.

This is not popular with many treatment counselors. For them it’s all or nothing. I would think for the average citizen, keeping drunks off the road would be a step forward.`

Probably the best known of these programs is methadone treatment. We replace one drug with another and hopefully keep the junkies out of trouble. Of course this is complimented by the needle exchange program used to help prevent the spread of disease (HIV). Many communities are looking at making marijuana legal. I didn’t like pot but, in my opinion it is probably the least harmful of all the drugs used to get high.

Harm Reduction Gear

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