Help for Children of Alcoholics

The National Association for Children of Alcoholics. It is a site dedicated to helping people who interact with children and youths who’s lives are impacted by alcoholic or drug addict parents. ( Also, look up my post on FASD for tools to help children already hurt by alcoholic parents.

Anyway, I read through the Kit for Educators and found some useful information.  It is full of things a person can put into action right after reading it, not much fluff.  I like that. I am glad to be able to help share this information.

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Without a family connection and usually lacking any authority, how does a teacher help children of alcoholics.  Here is some practical advice and some appropriate techniques to support the children of alcoholics.

Another good place for concerned adults who know children of alcoholics might be Adult Children of Alcoholics.  These  folks have lived it.  They should know what experiences are common to children of alcoholics.

If the kids are bigger, like teenagers, you might try Al-Anon and Alateen.





I have a tiny bit of legal knowledge.  Should you run afoul of a drunk and enraged parent, or merely a lazy administrator, it is good to have a reason for what you did. I do not know how authoritative this source is, but having a reason that other credible sources share can be very helpful.  Gods Speed.

Other people who may interact with the children of alcoholics might be:

Grandmas and Grandpas
Aunts and Uncles
Family Friends

If you know of any child that has drug addicted people raising them, this is for you.  You may not even recognize that anything is wrong until you read about, see it happening before your eyes, and now realize that what is happening is not healthy for the child.  Some high functioning alcoholics may even choose to modify their drinking patterns if you can show them evidence that their behavior is hurting their child.

I grew up with a lot of buddies who had alcoholic parents, none of them would have deliberately hurt their kid.  I would like to believe that the damage being inflicted by alcoholic parents is unintentional.  That, for the most part, it is because they just don’t know any better.

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