Here are some great photos I used for advertising and on my website. These folks deserve special thanks because they are individuals who license their photos freely to help out struggling people like me.




…………  General Photo Policy  ………………..

Most of the images I have used come from the internet.  I use Google Images and Bing Images and search only for items labeled by them as available for reuse or as available for reuse with modifications.

Images are mainly taken from the below sources:


Wiki Commons

and numerous agencies of the United States (and sometimes foreign states) governments are used. (all U.S. government photos that are not classified are public domain, or so I have been told)

Occasionally I use other photos:

Some are from England, Australia, and New Zealand. I have made an effort to give any photo in question a link to its source.

The United States government deserves special thanks for digitizing its photo archives and making them available online.  My favorite photos are the historical ones.  This, at least, is one thing my government (U.S.) has gotten right.

If anyone has reason to believe or knows for certain that I am infringing someone’s rights I will investigate (or maybe just review your evidence) and remove it.  While in dispute it will not be displayed.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license.
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