Jailing Americans for Profit: The Rise of the Prison Industrial Complex

Jailing Americans for Profit is and article published by the Rutherford Institute.
It was written by:  John W. Whitehead on April 10, 2012

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Oddly enough the title is less sensational than the story deserves. I think it is quite tame considering the immoral nature of jailing Americans for profit.

As the few people who read my blog know, I am opposed to the war on drugs.  The collateral damage is just too high.  It would be immoral to throw entire areas of the globe into lawlessness even if the war on drugs kept Americans clean and sober.  Because the war on drugs does not keep America drug free, or anywhere even close to drug free, it is even worse.


Then there this new idea of privatizing prisons and guaranteeing to keep them 90% full.  Jailing Americans for Profit is wrong.  Incarceration is a duty that should only be performed by the state.  I don’t care how much oversight there is, incarcerating people is the duty of the state that took their liberty. It should not be outsourced.

Anyway, I excerpted a couple of the more pointed paragraphs from Jailing Americans for profit and pasted them below. I am guilty of picking the most inflammatory paragraphs but do read the article. It is worth it. Too many people are not aware of what is going on with the war on drugs and its love of incarcerating non-violent people.

Sidebar: People who hurt other people should be in cages.  I am not against prison, I am against the worlds aggressive and ridiculous laws and policies on drugs.

Anyway, here is:

Jailing Americans for Profit: The Rise of the Prison Ind . . .

Commentary “Mass incarceration on a scale almost unexampled in human history is a fundamental fact of our country today—perhaps the fundamental fact, as slavery was the fundamental fact of 1850. In truth, there are more black men in the grip of the criminal-justice system—in prison, on probation, or on parole—than were in slavery then. Over all, there are now more people under ‘correctional supervision’ in America—more than six million—than were in the Gulag Archipelago under Stalin at its height.”—Adam Gopnik, “The Caging of America” In an age when freedom is fast becoming the exception rather than the rule, imprisoning […]

Consider this: despite the fact that violent crime in America has been on the decline, the nation’s incarceration rate has tripled since 1980. Approximately 13 million people are introduced to American jails in any given year. Incredibly, more than six million people are under “correctional supervision” in America, meaning that one in fifty Americans are working their way through the prison system, either as inmates, or while on parole or probation. According to the Federal Bureau of Prisons, the majority of those being held in federal prisons are convicted of drug offenses—namely, marijuana. Presently, one out of every 100 Americans is serving time behind bars.

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