Teenagers and Alcohol or Drugs

Teenagers and alcohol or drugs is a question that often comes up from parents who are getting sober.  A great many newly sober people adhere to the disease model of alcoholism.

They believe that they have not just passed on the genetic material to predispose their child to alcoholism but also that their behavior has set such a poor example for their children and that they will either never drink or won’t have any choice but to become a drunk.


Many of these parents have even given their children alcohol.  Most of the people seem to let their kids have a drink when they become teens.  So 13 years of age is kind of a normal time for drunks to think it is alright to expose their children to alcohol.  I am going to let this website explain what parents of all types help understand what to do with teenagers and alcohol or drugs.

This information is not only for alcoholics.  It applies to all teenagers and alcohol or drugs.  So teetotalers, drunks, recovering drunks, etc. welcome and please choose wisely for your children.  I got drunk in the 7th grade.  I was most likely an alcoholic by the time I was 20.  Some people say that because of my families history (lots of raging alcoholics in my family) many would say I became an addict the first time I took a drink.  That the first drink activated a disease within me and I was on a downhill course from that time until I finally stopped. Whether that is true or not, something changed. That is certain.

There is a reason people call your childhood your formative years.  Make certain your children form healthy habits.

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