The spiritual person: Alcohol releases the ‘beast within’

Here is an interesting and, according to the study,  unexpected result from a study on alcohol abuse and violence in religious (spiritual) people.  I don’t know why the article would find this unexpected.  Most people have very strong feelings regarding their spiritual convictions.  For Christians it is a matter of eternal bliss or damnation.  I think the other Abrahamic religions have similar notions of reward and punishment.  Buddhist fight in wars all over Asia.  Anyway, there is an excerpt and a link to the study below this picture of the biblicalsea beast.
beast = wild animal







Often, research findings reflect the scientist’s and the public’s expectations. Sometimes, they come close. Other times, research results simply astound everyone. Case in point is the recent research of Professor Peter R. Giancola of the psychology department of the University of Kentucky College of Arts and Sciences. He, and his former graduate student, Aaron Duke, have found an unexpected relation between spiritual beliefs, violence and alcohol consumption. “Oversimplifying — in many cases the more religious someone is, the more aggressive they will become after drinking alcohol,” Giancola said. The researcher defined religiosity as someone who “finds meaning in the […]

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