The Temperance Movement. A bit of history

The Temperance Movement isn’t really about getting sober (Recovery).  It is just a bit of history about the group that pushed to get the 18th Amendment passed.  The 18th Amendment prohibits the use of alcohol, although it still could be used medicinally and for industrial purposes.

Prohibition brought gang violence and political corruption to new highs (or lows).  It wasn’t quite as bad as it is today.  Back then organized crime was the biggest corruptor.  Now it is corporate America and it is legal.

Just think, during Prohibition Revenue agents would sometimes poison alcohol so it could only be used for industrial purposes.  This was intended to keep people from drinking it because they didn’t know if they might die if they did.

That’s right, the government poisoned people, but only people who were guilty of drinking alcohol.  And only the alcohol that was for industrial purposes.  Gangsters stole this and passed the alcohol off to the final consumers. No alcohol, no chance to be poisoned.

Now it is corporate America polluting our drinking water.  Not quite the same for most people, but for those who live in towns near big polluters its very much the same.  Russian roulette.

One other thought, the more energy we demand, the more the energy companies pollute.  It is the symbiotic relationship between user and producer that is killing poor people.  Maybe we need a new Temperance Movement in America.

As far as I know this Temperance Movement slide show can be downloaded  by following the link.  I am the creator of it so anyone can use it for any purpose.  All I did was take photos that belong to the American people (from Library of Congress) and plug them into PowerPoint.  Please give Raging Alcoholic an attribution if you can but if it is inappropriate ( like showing your kindergarten class old photos and saying thanks to Raging Alcoholic) don’t give the attribution.
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