Violence Against Women

Violence against women – world wide statistics from the World Health Organization for the year 2010.   Most of the women in our group have experienced some sort of violence.  Either in their youth from a parent or relative or as an adult from a spouse or boyfriend.  I only know about what is said in our group, which is generally done in broad strokes.  The ladies have women only groups and I assume these matters are discussed in greater detail there.

Violence against women is 35 percent  globally.  That means 1 out of 3 women have had somebody hurt them.  Astonishing.  I believe that it is true but why do we not here more about this.  The news could report this.  Men are probably not going to tell their buddies that they beat up their wives/girlfriends.  They would be looked down on or otherwise scorned.  Why is violence against women so prevalent and no one knows about it.

Anyway, this topic came up in group because a female member mentioned it and a younger male member thought that only “happened in movies” (his words).  Apparently I was not much less naive.  I had no idea violence against women had reached this level.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) there seems to be little difference in the levels between High Income Countries and Low Income Countries.  I couldn’t find anything on whether the attacks occurred while one of the persons were intoxicated.

I suspect quite a few of these occurred when alcohol or drugs were being consumed but, have no data to support that conclusion.  I will continue to look and update this post later if it either becomes available or I find it through another source.

As you can see, violence against women exists, it is very prevalent, and it crosses economic and ethnic boundaries.  Again, I’ll see if I can find any statistics on drugs and alcohol that relate to the graph.  WHO graph

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