What is a Hangover- What Makes a Hangover so Crappy

What is a Hangover

Hangovers are a serious problem for some of us folks.

We aren’t as sharp as we should be, we don’t have the energy we should, and we don’t feel as good as we would like to.


But, what causes hangovers.

We all know that too much alcohol causes them, but why.

And why, do a chosen few not seem to ever be affected by them.

Hangovers are a combination of things. None of them good.

Dehydration, unbalanced electrolytes, congeners left over from the fermentation process.

Congeners are the other types of alcohol, isopropyl, butyl and methyl alcohol, etc.

These chemicals are toxic.

The darker the alcohol, the more congeners.

The cheaper the alcohol, the more congeners.

Less filtration means more congeners.

Your liver produces acetaldehyde to metabolize alcohol.

Acetaldehyde is used to silver mirrors and to manufacture drugs.

It’s what antabuse causes to build up in your body to make you sick.

It’s not your bodies friend. These and more things, go into making us feel terrible the next day.

Your bodies blood sugar spikes when drinking.

Your body combats that by producing more insulin to reduce these elevated sugar levels.

The next morning you wake up with low blood sugar.

This causes physical and mental fatigue.

If you think you are moving slower and can’t concentrate. You are, this isn’t imagined.

If you smoke, when you drink you probably smoke more.

This can lead to nicotine poisoning. Many believe that cocktails that are sweet make the next day worse.

There is also something to be said for your mental state. If you expect a hangover you will probably get one.

Even how fast you drink can effect the next days outcome. The faster you drink, the worse tomorrow will be.

We all know that not drinking to excess will prevent or lessen the effects the following day.

Leaving you with a kind of “lean over”.

Instead of getting the full blown effects of its big brother. A “lean over” usually doesn’t involve the humiliation of the full, more robust, hangover.

It definitely doesn’t include the suffering.

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